EIP - strategy consulting
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure (Colin Powell)
Project preparation
Preparation of business, strategic, restructuration plans is only a part of the services we are ready to offer to our clients. We also provide complex project preparation services for business clients and the public sector according to their individual needs and expectations.
Project management
Project management is one of the most important and inevitable stages of project implementation. Whenever we are operating the project together with the customer, we take the responsibility to effectively and efficiently control the whole project from its beginning to its end.
Market research
Who, how and why - these are questions the business and other institution heads need to know the answers to in order to make the right decisions on development activities and in order to be successful. Our professional research team is ready to find those answers for you.
Training academy
“Study while working” – is the essence and the main principle of our academy studies education and qualification improvement programs. We offer quality management, project and strategic management, leadership education which differs from the traditional ways. We offer you to educate while you’re working.
Export promotion
We help business companies of the Baltic countries seeking for export opportunities in Japan. By representing its clients, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ can offer their services to the Japanese market.
Our clients