CEO message

We are an innovative and progressive company, for more than ten years already providing project development and management, research and training services for businesses and public sector organizations.

Customer focus, satisfying their expectations and the pursuit of quality in every step of the way is our aspiration, and the development and advancement – our permanent status.

As the head of the company, I can not refrain from taking pleasure in the company’s turnover growing from year to year, the projects carried out becoming more and more complex, the circle of clients expanding, while at the same time we are improving ourselves. Good results are achieved only by working carefully and responsibly. Constant improvement, experience and the biggest value of the company – the staff – helps us to keep the professionalism bar high. During the long years of activities, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ has brought together a wide circle of professionals in different areas, i.e. sociologists, economists, management experts, lawyers, procurement specialists and other professionals.

As before, this year as well we will work hard and strive to improve our skills in three key areas: project management and administration consulting and strategic management, as well as the consistent development of research and training activities. Never standing still, we‘ll improve and upgrade the services we offer. This year the company is also planning to offer new services.

In short term JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ has plans for development activities – we are going to join the international Asian markets.

I hope that our collective expertise and drive as well as correctly selected long-term business strategy will succeed in the future activities to continue the projects already started and implement new projects that create value for our customers, and our customer focus, agility and professionalism will assist in winning your respect and trust.

Edvinas Cybuličius
Edvinas Cibuliavičius


On April 2, 2014, JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai” was entered in the list of civil servants’ training institutions


EIP had achieved “Strongest in Lithuania 2013″ certificate


4 th of February. A decade of successful company operation has been celebrated


4 th of March. JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai” has achieved social company status


4 th of February. JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai” has been founded

Our mission is:

Solving various problems for organizations and contributing to the creation of additional value

Our vision is:

An innovative and advanced strategic management company in the Baltic countries’ market

Our values are:


Our partners:

JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai” is actively expanding it’s network of partners around the world. Currently, the company’s partners are located in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Asia
  • Europe

Our certificates: