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We are an innovative strategic management consulting company, which provides project preparation and management, research and training services to public sector and private companies for more than 17 years. By purposefully fulfilling our set goals, we aim to become the most reliable consulting company in Lithuania with high prestige.Long-term work experience determines the versatility of the services provided by the company and the high competence of employees. By expanding and strengthening relationships with market experts, we guarantee our clients receive high quality projects and the ability to adapt to a wide range of needs.A responsible approach to the work performed by competent employees working in the company creates effective cooperation, which leads to the undoubted creation of added value.In 2019 we have acquired “ESOMAR” – a public opinion and market research certificate, which obliges us to maintain the highest quality and value of research.The priority of our activities is a satisfied customer who receives extremely high quality services and therefore entrusts us with further preparation and management of his business development projects.

Darius Gurskis
Company policy (2021): UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” is a strategic management consulting company focused on the quality of services provided, specializing in project preparation, management, research and organizing training. Our project management system covers all aspects related to the quality of work performed. Striving to meet customer expectations provides the basis for all our processes.The main rule of the organization is to constantly improve, follow market changes and expand own capabilities.Maintaining the leadership positions of strategic management consultants is aided by the constantly growing experience of employees, the achievement of set goals and the implementation of innovations in the areas of project and organization management:- we carry out our activities in accordance with the global project management standards – PMP, PRINCE2, we also rely on the requirements of the management system LTS EN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, LTS ISO 45001: 2018, as well as occupational safety and health management system LTS 1977:2008. We conduct market research on the basis of the available certificate of the European association of public opinion and market research – ESOMAR;- we continuously improve the performance of the management system by assessing performance results, feedback and suggestions from customers, partners and employees and complying with legal requirements;- we ensure professional, long-term and close cooperation between the company’s employees and customers by communicating directly, improving communication and building trust;- we implement innovations and look for solutions to improve the quality of the services we provide;- we promote employee training and involvement in the improvement of the company’s management system;

– striving for quality is a task for all our employees.

Company policy is known and understood by all employees of the company, is constantly updated, reviewed and evaluated in order to maintain constant relevance.


Our mission:

Long-term partner of organizations in the field of project management.

Our vision:

To become the most reliable consulting company in Lithuania with the highest prestige.

Our values:

Competent employees
High ethical standards
Effective cooperation

2019 UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” became a member of the public opinion and market research association ESOMAR.

2017 UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” received the Gazelė 2017 award.

2015 UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” was awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania 2014″ certificate.

2014 On April 2, UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” was added to the list of State civil servants’ qualification improvement institutions.

2014 UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” was awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania 2013″ certificate.

2013 February 4 marked the tenth anniversary of the company.

2011 On March 4, UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” was granted the status of a social enterprise.

2003 On February 4, UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” was established.

Our certificates:

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