„What is not measured – can not be improved.“.

Quality management training for organizations focuses on the practical realization of the quality standards and tool creation. EIP lecturers install quality management systems, develop quality management models and apply them to specific organizations.

Here is the standard quality management system model.

Each organization must be able to:

  • Identify processes and determine their application;
  • Define the sequence of processes and interactions;
  • Define process management;
  • Develop processes and performance monitoring;
  • Monitor and analyze processes;
  • Implement the improvement actions.

EIP consultants actively advocate for the integration of multiple systems to the company’s operations: Six Sigma, Lean, and thus realize the created synergies. The most common quality management improvement solutions are related with the acceptance of strategic and project management solutions.

EIP consultants hosted quality management systems training for more than 500 people. All this makes for a large community of individuals who want to change their organization and its activities and raise them to the next level.

Quality management training is focused on each company’s specific needs. According to that individual programs are created to better suit the objectives and targets.

On April 2, 2014, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ was included in the list of civil servants’ training institutions following the Order No 27V-2 of the director of the Civil Service Department.

We ask you to contact our consultants and find a common solution to improve the functioning of your organization or company.