Each organization is ideologically dependent on the activity leaders. Modern organizations face continuous turnover of staff, and especially – the change of talents in the company. Talent management is becoming the company’s main challenge these days.

Leadership and talent management may be done from the outside as well as inside. Companies that grow in-house talents meet stiff competition and a challenging market. It is important to bring the short-term and long-term prospects of organizations together. After certain projects in the organization ends, often the existing resources are being disposed of, or they are transferred to other activities. All of this leads to talent management becoming a complex task for any organization, because you need to align tactical and long-term organization steps and their timely delivery to all interested parties.

EIP consultants are actively working with talent management – with both wide profile and large business organizations and youth organizations. The most common leadership solutions are complex – combining project management, strategic management and quality management.

The leader must see the big picture.

On April 2, 2014, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ was included in the list of civil servants’ training institutions following the Order No 27V-2 of the director of the Civil Service Department.

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