“Study while working” – is the essence and the main principle of our academy studies education and qualification improvement programs. We offer quality management, project and strategic management, leadership education which differs from the traditional ways. We offer you to educate while you’re working.

Our academy is a part of the JSC “Eurointegrcijos projektai”, which provides learning and qualification improvement services.

The aim of this department is to evaluate your needs and find solutions that will improve the results of your organization through the training and learning experience that we provide.

JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai” main areas of training are:

  1. Quality management
  2. Project management
  3. Strategic management
  4. Leadership

The most of our lecturers who provide these trainings have undergone training and certification in USA and Asia. They all have certificates of the respective area of studies.

Our trainings is not orientated towards sole learning and education – we encourage and empower you to improve the work of your whole organization and the results it achieves. Our courses methodology is created in a way, to make the participants learn and exercise new instruments during the course of practical work. This course of studies is rightfully represented by our motto “Study while working”.

Our most common clients are

  1. State institutions
  2. Business organizations
  3. Youth organizations

We execute SCRUM, AGILE, and PMP methods during the course of our training.