The strategy starts with the small steps. The current competitive environment usually forces people to often overlook the importance of strategy (especially in Lithuania). All of this leads to an astonishing 83 percent of all strategic plans failing. This implies that a lot of organizations do not believe in the value of strategic plans and use. But how to stay competitive and achieve high standards of performance if you don’t know what you’re pursuing at all?

An organization that does not know where it is going is never going to be there. Although it is all a phase of work despised by a lot of people, but it is very significant. Important decisions and results are not achieved within 1-2 years. It must be achieved by consistently investing time, money and human resources. It may take up to 5-10 years. Imagine how much time is wasted if the decision is not being made today and the future remains unplanned. The organization must have a strategy like every individual seeking to realize his or hers goals in life. It is even more difficult to do for an organization, since it consists of numerous personalities, with different goals and perspectives for the future.

Our lecturers analyze organizations according to a strategic map.

Organizations create maximum profit and value by implementing different strategies, creating outstanding products and services for the market.

Our services mainly include moderation and management of strategic plans. We are confident that the organization itself and its members should be interested in creating a strategy and participate in the same process directly.

Our training topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Strategic development plans preparation and moderation
  2. Strategic business preparation and moderation
  3. Blue Ocean Strategy

On April 2, 2014, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ was included in the list of civil servants’ training institutions following the Order No 27V-2 of the director of the Civil Service Department.

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