In November, the „EU-Japan Centre“ is organising a 5-day advanced course in Japan on world-class manufacturing and lean strategy, for up to 20 senior executives. The mission will consist of lectures, shop-floor visits, roundtable discussions and other exercises and will offer new insights to help the participants address issues in their own companies.

Mission targets:
• Give a detailed insight into current and recent Japanese approaches towards WCM through lectures and practical examples (gemba visits to top manufacturing plants – both large companies and to SMEs).
• Show how leading Japanese companies achieve and maintain superior production standards.
• Opportunity for interaction between senior executives from Europe and Japan.

The course will consist of the following elements:
• 2 lectures – on how operational excellence is achieved in the Japanese manufacturing industry, the Japanese economy and the Japanese manufacturing industry.
• 4 or 5 company visits – 3 will be to large companies and the others will be to an SME.
• A tour of the Toyota Techno Museum.
• An evening networking reception with senior people from at least one of the factories visited during the mission.
• A one-day roundtable – the discussion on the final day will help you understand how you can apply what you have learnt and observed.

For a detailed outline of the mission click here.