On January 15, 2014, JSC “Eurointegracijos projektai“ was granted an accreditation certificate of LEADER consulting agency – one of the EU’s Community Initiatives. With this certification issued by LEADER Program and Farmers’ Training Methodology Centre, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ is granted an accreditation to provide consultancy on the implementation issues of LEADER method.

A certificate of consultant accreditation has been issued to Mr Jonas Sakalavičius, senior project manager at JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“.

LEADER program aims at promoting a sustainable regional development, improving the quality of life in rural areas, addressing social, economic and environmental challenges through the local population, the rural non-governmental organizations, local businesses, local authorities and other rural development partners.

The main principle of the LEADER approach is the cooperation of different partners or partnership. United efforts of partners for the common goal permits a better use of local capital: knowledge, experience, financial resources, capabilities and initiatives. This principle is implemented by setting up local action groups, which consist of different sectors-rural communities, non-governmental organizations, local government and business representatives.

According to Mr Simas Lubauskas, the director of a strategic management company „Eurointegracijos projektai“, the issued certificates confirm that the company and Mr Jonas Sakalavičius, a senior project manager, are given confidence in the belief that JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ will provide consultancy services of the best quality. “This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to provide the best possible services and demonstrates a responsible approach to providing consulting services of high quality”, – Mr S. Lubauskas said.