Trakai district municipality and JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ has signed a cooperation agreement and soon will update the strategic development plan for 2008-2015 and strategic business plans for 2012-2014 of Trakai district municipality, as well as prepare strategic development plan for 2016-2025.

In order to clear up the situation of tourism, culture and sports and the perspectives in Trakai district, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ will conduct a sectoral study “Harmonious development of tourism, culture and sports in Trakai district municipality“.

The updating and preparation of strategic plans for Trakai district municipality will ensure the rational use of available resources, focused and effective district development planning and execution in a long-term perspective.

On preparing the strategic development plans for 2016-2025, and updating them for 2008-2015, JSC „Eurointegracijos projektai“ will have to carry out the analysis of current situation and create a long-term vision for the development of Trakai district, to determine long-term development priorities, prepare the strategic development plan in Trakai district for 2016-2025 and supervisory system of the plan.

In the process of the renewal of Trakai district municipality strategic action plan for 2012-2014, the environment resources and SWOT analyses will be carried out, the schedule of the municipality strategic planning procedure will be reviewed and updated, short-term strategic goals of Trakai district municipality will be revised, the mission assessed and strategic action plan programs prepared.

By November 2014, a strategic management company “Eurointegracijos projektai” will develop a sectoral study “Harmonious development of tourism, culture and sports in Trakai district municipality“. While planning the study, the situation in tourism, culture and different sports fields will be analyzed, the requirements for services will be surveyed, the development potential of culture, sports and tourism will be cleared up, and modernization, performance improvement and fundraising opportunities of institutions responsible will be evaluated.

After the proposed solutions in sectoral study are discussed and evaluated, they will be included into Trakai district’ strategic development plans of 2016-2025 and 2008-2015.